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Travelling With Children

If you are travelling to the Netherlands with a child aged under 18, be aware that additional rules apply, and that and identity checks may be carried out at the border.

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The Royal Military and Border Police (KMAR) carry out such checks in order to prevent international child abduction. They may ask to see your identity document. KMAR officers may also conduct checks when a child is entering or leaving the Schengen area with only one of their parents. You may therefore need to provide written permission from the child’s other parent.

Permission to travel (authorisation form)

Non-accompanying parents with parental responsibility can use the authorisation form for travelling abroad with a minor to give permission for the other parent to travel abroad with the child.

You must fill in a separate form for each child.

If only one parent has parental responsibility for the child, you do not require the form, but you do need additional documentation. See the form for details of the documentation needed.

Be on time

The extra checks may mean you need to allow more time. The Royal Military and Border Police (KMAR) therefore advises parents travelling alone with their children to leave plenty of time to clear these checks.