Delay of express notice

Dear applicants,

Please be advised that packages delivered to Beijing require a longer time to be processed because of the additional safety inspections currently conducted. This might increase the delivery time of your application files. While you can keep taking advantage of the convenience offered by EMS services, applicants are advised to choose the most appropriate visa submission method according to their personal situation and departure date.

For more information visit: http://www.ems.com.cn/ems/news/viewNews?id=4683


Important Reminder

  • All documents are required to use A4 format printed/copied on one side, including bank statements. If any original documents that are not in single-sided A4 size, a single-sided copy in A4 size must be submitted together.
  • Please make sure all photocopies are clear and complete.
  • Please do NOT staple any documents.

Please select the purpose of your trip to the Netherlands using one of the following categories of visa.

Short stay visa

You wish to apply for a Schengen or Caribbean visa and your stay will not exceed 90 days.

Long stay visa

You wish to apply for a long stay visa and your stay will exceed 90 days.